Baltic Bird                          

Duration: January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2014

Lead Partner: EPTEK (South Ostrobothnia Health Technology Development Centre), Seinäjoki, Finland

Partnering countries: France, Spain, Ireland, Great Britain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Germany and Finland

EP-partners: EPTEK, SeAMK (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences) and Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia

Funding programme: Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013

Total budget: 2.9M€

The aim of the BALTIC BIRD –project was to improve the flight accessibility and intermodal services in peripheral areas. With these objectives, the project advanced socio-economic cohesion, economic growth and sustainable development in the partaking areas. The project sought to create new flight connections in the Baltic area with joint, interregional actions that were based on Best Practices. These actions included, among other things, flight traffic market analysis (passenger and flight route potential), joint marketing efforts for the airports and flight routes, and operations concerning the development of both travel marketing strategies and tourist resorts.

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