Duration: 1. phase 01.04.2016–31.3.2018, 2. phase 01.04.2018–31.3.2020

Lead Partner: Digital Nièvre Joint Authority, France

Partnering countries: France, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, Ireland and Finland

Partners in South Ostrobothnia: SEK (Economic Development Agency of Suupohja Region) and Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia

Funding Programme: Interreg Europe 2014–2020

Total budget: 2 M€


The project ERUDITE (Enhancing Rural and Urban Digital Innovation Territories) will develop the design of new digital services supported by Open Innovation processes involving and empowering businesses, citizens and public administrations. 

To increase understanding of the design, operation and impacts of services, the Open Innovation process will be supported by Social and Economic Return on Investment (SEROI) studies providing data to illustrate global social and economic impacts and support more targeted investments. One of the tools to develop new relevant services will be identifying good practices from the partnering regions.

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