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The regions of Ostrobothnia have been in co-operation with the Schleswig-Holstein region from northern Germany for over twenty years. The unofficial co-operation, however, has been going on for much longer. Co-operation and partnership between the regions has been strengthened with, among other things, regional development and project work, administrative and economic collaboration (Hanse-Office in Brussels, public official and student exchange) and multifaceted cultural co-operation. The co-operation has been reinforced on many other sectors as well. 

town twinning

Town twinning is the oldest form of international operations between municipalities. Many municipalities have actively benefited from this co-operation between municipalities.  

The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia seeks to determine the current state of the municipalities’ town twinning during the spring of 2015. With the help of a questionnaire and in-depth interviews, for example, the goal is to establish the level of activity of the town twinning, and in a broader aspect, the international operations of the municipality. In addition, one will seek to clarify what are the needs and hopes of the municipalities for developing the town twinning operations.

During 2015, town twinning operations are researched and developed by the KATE-project (Revenue to South Ostrobothnia with internationalisation). The project seeks to promote the region’s internationalisation and support the region’s operators in developing the strategic nature of internationalisation.


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