Duration: 1. phase 01.04.2016–31.3.2018, 2. phase 01.04.2018–31.3.2020

Lead Partner: Regional Development Agency of the West Region Romania, Romania

Partnering countries: Romania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland, Greece and Finland

Partner in South Ostrobothnia: Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia

Funding Programme: Interreg Europe 2014–2020

Total budget: 1,3 M€


NICHE-project aims at promoting policies in 7 European regions where food has been identified as a key sector to apply existing research and innovation strengths. The project pursues to increase the current level of adoption by food sector companies of the existing research and innovation capacities as a way to give response to the existing demand in the participating regions. 

The main drivers for the partners include; the importance of the food sector within their region, a determination of increasing the current level of research and innovation in the food sector due to its growth potential, a will in learning and sharing experiences with other European regions and a need of putting in place the correct instruments that will help the development of the food sector. 

There are four specific objectives. Firstly, pioneer an open innovation approach bringing together all the relevant stakeholders under a quadruple helix model at both regional and interregional level and to propose actions that will improve the regional policies. Secondly, establish regional open innovation ecosystems to assure the perpetuation of a systemic support to the innovation applied to the food sector. Further, exchange and learn from experiences among regions. Finally, explore new mechanisms to transfer and apply research and innovation for new food products, services or processes.

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