Pilot in Sweden

Piloting activities in Connected for Health-project will demonstrate the practical benefits of high quality, open FTTH network through the delivery of smart health solutions. These benefits will improve the quality of life of the patients and increase the cost effectiveness for the health care professionals.

Each of the pilots will test and assess eHealth solutions that have the potential to support home care services and create new opportunities for health care. The aim is to describe and specify which eHealth solutions make the handling and administration more profitable and financial sustainable, faster and easier. Tele-medical solutions can become a real possibility for the health professional personnel, where it creates value for the patient.


  • Demonstrate the viability of an e-health platform that is open both downwards (working as best-effort over the top, in combination with an Internet service from any provider) and upwards (delivering e-health solutions from third-party vendors)
  • Further develop eHealth services in direct contact with the final users, e.g. the patients or service users and the health providers and staff.

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