"Research" -work package in Connected for Health -project, gathers background information related to the FTTH and eHealth application, conducts interviews and analyses in the pilots, to evaluate the pilots. Partners will create a policy report for FTTH in home care and a report indicating the most suitable models for eHealth services based on FTTH with open access.

Pilot evaluations

Evaluations of the pilots will be made through interviews and questionnaires, provided by the participating partners. Pre- and post -condition are being assessed and compared with the clinical support and evaluation of the pilots in the beginning, in the middle of the project and at the end of the project. Piloting organizations will take part in the service evaluation and deliver feedback for further development.

Cost-benefit analysis and final socio-economic assessment of pilots

Partners will perform a cost-benefit analysis prior to the pilots and perform a final socio-economic assessment of the pilots in collaboration with the participating partners. Most cost-efficient and usable FTTH-based eHealth systems and services and their practical and technical requirements are identified. Highlighting also possible barriers to the implementation of such services, the participating partners will be also demonstrating the ways to improve the situation in Europe. The alternative business models that can allow service providers to use network infrastructure in non-discriminatory ways is part of the task. The evaluation and proposition of appropriate economic models that stimulates the usage of eHealth applications will be published as a result of this task.

Review studies with FTTH home Care

A systematic literature review on studies and pilots of eHealth in home care will be carried out in order to find out previous knowledge on user responses to ehealth services and especially FTTH.

Task 4.4.1 Ethical and Legal Issues – Leading partner: SeAMK, Participating partners: PU, Hudiksvall, RSD
An Ethics Manager will be appointed to examine ethical, legal, and data protection, privacy and security issues related with the research activities performed within the pilots to be conducted, so as to be compliant with EU and national legislation as reported.



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