Strategy of Smart specialisation

Smart specialisation is part of the economic and employment strategy approved by the European Council in 2010. The vision of the economic and employment strategy is to have smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The strategy sets goals for the whole EU concerning, for example, matters of employment, research and development expenses and education. Finland has set its own national goals in the strategy, which in turn demand regional activities. In this respect, smart specialisation is essential. The EU also encourages regions towards smart specialisation by connecting the process to the use of structural funds and possibly other options of EU funding.

South Ostrobothnia’s strategy of smart specialisation has been prepared together with the process of regional strategy. The strategy, and in time its implementation, seeks to promote the internationalisation of the region’s research, development and innovation activities, the development of growth entrepreneurship that is aiming for internationalisation, and the number of international investments in the region. The implementation of the strategy, and its possible need for renewal, is evaluated along with the monitoring of South Ostrobothnia’s regional strategy.

Smart and outstanding – South Ostrobothnia’s strategy of smart specialisation can be viewed both in Finnish and in English.

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