International Projects

We at the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia want to stimulate and encourage on our part and by our example the region’s actors to participate in international projects. During EU’s programming period 2021–2027 so far, we are a partner in four projects, and an Associated Policy Authority in one project.

South Ostrobothnian experts representing organisations and companies, which have been important to the project themes, have taken part in the actions of our projects. Together we have sought knowledge and ideas from other European experts and considered how to adapt those in our own region as well as conducted practical experiments.

The new programming period brings new opportunities. We can build new on the basis of what we have already done, continue to cooperate with our old project partners, expand our networks with new partners, update our own knowledge and skills together with other Europeans, export South Ostrobothnian know-how and promote our region.

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