Informal and Voluntary Services for Work Based Immigrants

  • Duration: 1. phase 1.4.2024–31.3.2027 and 2. phase 1.4.2027–31.3.2028 
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  • Lead Partner: Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, Finland
  • Partners: Municipality of Fundão together with associated policy authority Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission (Portugal), City of Plock (Poland), Municipality of Litija and Education centre Geoss (Slovenia), Louth County Council (Ireland)
  • Funding programme: Interreg Europe 2021-2027 
  • Total budget: 1 million euros (998,889)
  • Regional Stakeholder Group:

The Project in Short:

The INVOLVIM project is aimed at the development of informal and volunteer services for immigrants in partner regions. By sharing project experiences, its goal is to influence political instruments in the regions to improve services for immigrants and prevent social exclusion. The focus is on working immigrants and their needs for support in integration, housing, education and other areas. Employers, education providers, public authorities and others have the potential to provide different services for this group, allowing for better adaptation and integration.