Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia

The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia is a statutory joint municipal authority formed by the 18 municipalities in the region of South Ostrobothnia.

Our experts work with e.g. regional planning and development as well as cultural development issues. The core idea of our activities is to stimulate and implement cross-sectoral co-operation benefitting South Ostrobothnia’s citizens, municipalities and region. We work closely with regional, national and international operators.

We implement decisions made by the Regional Assembly and Board and other bodies of the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia in matters concerning:

  1. regional planning and regional land use planning tasks set by the Land Use and Building Act
  2. regional planning, regional strategic programme and implementation plan tasks set by EU and national legislation
  3. tasks set by other legislation
  4. representing interests of the region and cultural, internationalisation, educational and municipal tasks set by the member municipalities